Spotlight on MOM cast members – The Q&A that Tells It Like It Is


What, if anything, is funny about motherhood to you?

How you think that when your kids are babies that they are hard. Then they get older and get way harder and you start having to think about how old you were when you got your first kiss or when you first drank alcohol or when you got your period. And you know you are more fucked than you have ever been before. Shit just got real.

Share three words that describe you as a mother.

Wicked fucking cool

What’s your favorite curse word as a mother? How many times have you uttered it in front of your children?

Shit. A fucking shitload.

In a few sentences, what’s a recent Bad Mom moment?

When I come home wasted and try to act like I’m not while I’m nuking nachos in the microwave. Meanwhile my daughter is telling me I’m drunk and I’m telling her not to speak to me that way (while hiccuping and maybe with some cheese on my chin)

Laura Pizzuti will be onstage as part of ‘The Best of The MOMologues‘ cast at Company Theatre, Norwell, MA on Friday, February 10 at 8:00 pm.