MOM Cast Members Q&A #2


(Note about the photo:  All Moms have “that look” they give their kids that means “stop it… right now” … apparently… this is my “look” This photo was captured, last year, by my girls after they asked me  -for the 3rd time- to take them to The Derby Street Chipotle at noon on Black Friday.)

What, if anything, is funny about motherhood to you?

I find it funny when I truly see my quirks in my own kids, it’s even funnier when I truly see my mother’s quirks in myself. 

What’s your favorite curse word as a mother?

Although it’s not considered a King Curse Word “friggin” has been my favorite to bring immediate attention to the severity of what I’m trying to say. It’s not bad enough to get me thrown out of a meeting, but strong enough to capture most audiences. I’ve said it in front of my kids … when it had to be said.. so many times I can’t count.

 Share three words that describe you as a mother.




What’s a recent Bad Mom moment?

I recently had filled out a 2 sided permission slip using a royal blue sharpie. It bled through making the words almost illegible, let alone it looked like I may have written it using my feet. I was in a rush…. ask me if I cared. It got there on time didn’t it?

Erica McDermott is a cast member in ‘The Best of The MOMologues‘ staged reading performance at Company Theatre on Friday, February 10 at 8:00 pm, to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.