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Submissions guidelines

We encourage you to send in your stories, essays and in-the-moment therapy-as-writing pieces to include in our blog.  They can range from a few pointed vent-sentences to essays of no longer than 500 words.

We cannot promise that will publish everything and reserve the right to edit what comes in. ¬†This is an unpaid gig, but allows you bragging rights to being published, sort of. Plus, you will undoubtedly be sharing something that MOMS everywhere can relate to – and that’s no small gift.

We will do our best to respond to every email that comes in but forgive us if we get sidetracked by our day jobs, the list of chores, the family needs and wants, the call of a glass of wine, or just the -“I’m losing it-must-stop-all-now-before-this-turns-into-headlines” thing that happens to us all.

That being said, we are going to give ourselves a generous two-week window on responses back and see how that goes.